RB Brown (Gallon)

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RB Brown is a professional strength degreaser which was formulated for use on automotive surfaces where dirt and grime are at its worst. RB Brown easily breaks down oil, brake dust, dirt, grime, and grease on surfaces like wheels, paint, wheel wells, undercarriages, and engine compartments.

Directions For Use

SUGGESTED USE: RB Brown is a concentrated product that needs to be diluted for safe use. When properly diluted, RB Brown simply needs to be applied to the surface using a spray bottle, allow it time to dwell and penetrate the surface contaminates (30-60 secs) then agitate with a brush or towel, and finally rinse with plenty of water. *Never allow Grime Blaster to dry on the vehicles surface. MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: -For cleaning tires, wheel wells, and pre-soaking, mix 1:10 -For heavy duty cleaning on painted wheels, underbody, and engine, mix 1:4 -For the heaviest of cleaning on heavily soiled surfaces, mix 1:2


Abernathy Company began as Ralph Brothers Laundry in 1898 serving Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas consumers. The initial venture into the chemical business was made to reduce costs in the laundry business, however it was discovered that our manufactured products were of such a quality that other companies began buying them. This proved to be our first entry into the soap and detergent market. Ralph Brothers Detail now specializes in the highest quality car care chemicals, car wash accessories, and buffing pads. With over 120 years of experience, Ralph Brothers has been established as a company that offers quality and dependable products in the detailing and car care industry.