Wash 'N Wax Blue (Gallon)

Mega Foaming Automotive Wash Soap
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Wash ’N Wax Blue is a highly concentrated and luxurious automotive wash soap that can be confidently used to clean any surface on your car without the worry of removing the protective coating or finish. Wash ‘N Wax Blue will create a thick foaming action making it a perfect choice for use with a foam gun or by hand washing. Always use the suggested amount to avoid spotting.

Directions For Use

Hand Washing: Add 1 cup of Ultimate Wash 'N Wax to a large bucket of water. (Note: Do not wash in the hot sun.) Pressure Washing: Mix one part Ultimate Wash 'N Wax to 5 gallons of water depending on soil to be removed. Apply with brush or pressure washer; rinse well. Do not allow solution to dry on surface before rinsing.