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The Best Car-Cutting Compound for Your Vehicle

Ralph Brothers provides the best cutting compound for cars on the market. With our cutting polish, you can easily smooth paint finishes, restore dull paintwork and much more. Water spots, fallout and other surface irregularities are a thing of the past with a cut and polish compound from Ralph Brothers. Whether you use Red Ball rubbing compound, Ballistic car-cutting compound or Deep Finish Restoration Cutting Polish, you can take advantage of our products' great benefits. You can rely on Ralph Brothers' car-cutting polish to get the job done. When you want a superior product that delivers unparalleled results, you want our car paint cutting compound.

How Cutting Polish for Cars Works

Cutting polish for cars consists of abrasive material suspended in a liquid. When you use a cutting compound for cars, it removes a thin layer of paint, revealing a fresher finish below. You can apply a car-cutting compound by hand with a cloth or circular applicator pad or by using a polishing machine with a wool pad. A cutting compound for car paint allows you to:

  • Remove paint overspray
  • Eliminate paint transfers and stains
  • Blend in areas of new paintwork
  • Restore weathered paint

Cutting Polish That Stands Up to Our Standards

Backed by years of experience, Ralph Brothers offers effective, affordable cutting polish that is safe to use. We work continuously to source the best car-cutting compounds from trusted manufacturers. You can't go wrong with a cut-and-polish compound from Ralph Brothers.

With our cutting compound and polish, you can effortlessly eliminate paint imperfections and defects. Your vehicle will sport a showroom-like gleam when you use our cutting polish for cars. Professionals and enthusiasts alike rely on Ralph Brothers' cutting compound for car paint to get the results they want.

Order Cutting Compounds for Cars From Ralph Brothers

You can depend on our cutting compounds for cars to get the finish you want. Our cutting compound and polish do away with annoying surface scratches, swirl marks and chalky finishes. Their sandpaper-like quality is essential to the success of our car-cutting compounds. We provide car paint cutting compounds that work well with clear-coat and gel-coat finishes. Whether you're a full-time detailer or a weekend warrior, there's something in our cutting polish lineup that will work for you. All our cut and polish compounds are safe to use daily. With Ralph Brothers' cutting compound for car paint, you can quickly smooth out the finish on any vehicle. Start browsing our car-cutting polishes now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cutting Compounds for Cars

Ralph Brothers is proud of its fantastic selection of cutting compounds for cars. We understand your needs and provide cut and polish compounds that you can rely on. Read the questions below to learn more about car paint cutting compounds.

How Do I Cut and Polish a Car by Hand?

You can use any of our car-cutting compounds for this task, which is best suited for removing scratches. To cut and polish a car by hand, you should:

  1. Wash and dry the car thoroughly.
  2. Apply a small amount of compound to your applicator.
  3. Use a back-and-forth or circular motion to rub the compound into the area to be treated.
  4. Keep a light, steady pressure as you treat the paint.
  5. Wipe away excess compound before it dries.
  6. Use a clean microfiber cloth to buff the area.
  7. Finish with high-quality car wax.

How Do I Cut and Polish Car Paint?

Restoring the full finish on a vehicle takes more effort and works best with a buffing machine. Follow these steps to cut and polish car paint:

  1. Wash and dry the vehicle carefully.
  2. Remove contaminants by clay-barring the paint.
  3. Work in sections from the top down and finish each section before moving on to the next.
  4. Put a bit of compound on the machine buffer's wool pad.
  5. Use steady, light strokes to apply the compound to the car's surface.
  6. Remove the leftover compound before it dries.
  7. Use a machine polisher or a clean microfiber cloth to buff the area.
  8. Repeat these steps until you've treated the entire car.
  9. Apply a high-quality wax.

How Do I Cut and Polish Aluminum Wheels?

You need to use a series of buffing wheels and compounds to smooth out aluminum. To cut and polish aluminum wheels, you need to:

  1. Remove wheel weights, stickers and valves that might get in the way.
  2. Clean the wheel with heavy-duty scouring pads and a powerful degreaser.
  3. Rinse the wheel thoroughly.
  4. Remove curb rash with a flat file.
  5. Put a small amount of your coarsest abrasive on your stiffest buffing wheel.
  6. Work one section of the wheel at a time.
  7. Wipe the wheel clean.
  8. Use a less-coarse abrasive and your next stiffest buffing wheel and repeat the process.
  9. Continue until you achieve the finish you want.
  10. Apply a liquid polish and hand buff.