The Ralph Brothers

Our Origins


How It All Began

Ralph Brothers Laundry

Abernathy Company began as Ralph Brothers Laundry in 1898 serving Texarkana and the surrounding area. In the characteristic entrepreneurial spirit that has become a trademark of the company, the early owners decided to save detergent costs and so began manufacturing its own. As word got out about the high quality of those first products, others began requesting to purchase our growing product line, and thus the fledgling manufacturing enterprise was born.


RB Chemical

In the 1970’s, Ralph Brothers Laundry became RB Chemical as it began diversifying its product line and introduced industrial cleaning products, towels, tissues, janitorial supplies and contract cleaning services.


Abernathy Grows

The company became Abernathy Company in the early 1990’s. The Abernathy Company of today has grown into a conglomerate serving hundreds of businesses and institutions throughout this country and abroad and represents manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics and warehousing. Its success is grounded in its ability to adapt and to listen to its customers, to deliver products and services on time, to offer consistently high quality, and to always operate with a strong sense of heritage, integrity, and service.


Ralph Brothers Detail Is Born

Car care products have been woven into the fabric of our quality offerings for a number of years, but in 2018 it was decided to create a brand within the company that we called Ralph Brothers Detail that focused on this growing category. We are excited for this new venture as it pulls together all our history into a great product line of car detail products. We hope that all our customers discover why we are so proud of this line.

What Sets Us Apart


Ralph Brothers Detail’s Green Footprint products are our products which have been developed with excellent cleaning effectiveness at PH levels as close to neutral as possible to greatly reduce environmental impact. In addition we packaged in the largest units and concentration possible, thus eliminating tons of waste in our nation's landfills. By reducing waste this creates a tremendous benefit to our environment.


There are a lot of ways to wash cars and trucks, heavy equipment, buses and transit vehicles. Time and labor costs associated with cleaning vehicles and equipment can be high depending on local cleaning conditions. A single truck can take up to four hours to clean by hand! Using ineffective products could significantly increase time, money, and labor spent on inferior solutions. Using Ralph Brothers Detail products will eliminate wasted time and will save you money. Our average customer lowers their vehicle cleaning time and costs significantly by switching to Ralph Brothers Detail products.


We offer a line of products that are designed and manufactured by professionals for professionals. We manufacture and offer a wide assortments of auto wash, car wash, self-serve and full serve products, from car wash shampoos, to degreasers, detailing products, and an assortment of car wash accessories. We manufacture cleaning chemicals that tackle the toughest greases, grime and ordinary soiling for all types of vehicles and equipment.