RB Glass (Gallon)

40:1 Concentrated Glass Cleaner
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Ralph Brothers’ RB Glass Ammonia-Free Concentrated Glass Cleaner is the choice for professional detailers not only because it is the most economical solution for Glass Cleaning but also because it is an industrial-strength formula that cleans glass, acrylic and tinted windows without streaking or damaging the finish. It’s ideal for removing fingerprints, smudges, dust, and dirt from windows and mirrors without streaking! Our formula is safe for tinted windows because it does not contain ammonia.

Directions For Use

Simply mix 40 parts water to 1 part Forty:One Concentrated Glass Cleaner to make an economical RTU professional strength glass cleaner. RB Glass Ammonia Free Concentrated Glass Cleaner can also be diluted 60:1 to make 60 Gallons of RTU Windshield Washer Solution. Apply fine mist with atomizing sprayer to any glass surface, and dry and polish with soft, lint-free cloth. Best results can be obtained using two cloths-one for drying and one for polishing.


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