Wheel Foam (Gallon)

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Wheel Foam is our most aggressive acid-based wheel & metal cleaner. Due to its highly concentrated acidic formula. It is intended for use by trained professionals only. Wheel Foam is specifically formulated to work on dipped chrome metals only. It’s the only wheel cleaner that you can spray on & 30 seconds later rinse off to reveal clean sparkling wheels without scrubbing or agitating the surface.

Directions For Use

SUGGESTED USE Wheel Foam should only be used by trained professionals who are familiar with how this product works. Using Wheel Foam on any metals other than polished/dipped chrome can cause undesirable results. Never use Wheel Foam at full strength and always use the appropriate safety gear when mixing and using. Before using, spray al of the surfaces being treated and the surrounding areas with water. Once properly diluted, you will then spray the mixed solution directly onto the surface and allow 30-60 seconds before rinsing off with plenty of water. Never apply in direct sunlight and only treat one wheel at a time. IMPORTANT NOTE: Always test on inconspicuous area first! Keep in a properly labeled bottle at all times. DIRECTIONS -For general wheel cleaning, dilute 1:10. -For heavy duty wheel cleaning, dilute 1:4. -At most, Wheel Foam can be diluted 1:1 for the most extreme situations.


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