RB Purple Degreaser (Gallon)

Professional Purple Degreaser
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RB Purple is not your regular “purple” degreaser. Yes, it is purple, but it is a heavy-duty professional grade concentrated purple colored degreaser that will break down grease, grime, and dirt without using large amounts of chemical or excessive amounts of physical labor to clean the surface. Always keep out of reach of children and test on an inconspicuous area first.

Directions For Use

SUGGESTED USE: RB Purple is a concentrated caustic based degreaser & cleaner that needs to be diluted for safe use. When properly diluted, RB Purple simply needs to be applied to the surface using a spray bottle. Then allow time for RB Purple to dwell and penetrate contaminates on the surface (30-60 secs) before agitating with a brush or towel. Finally be sure to rinse with plenty of cold water. *Never allow RB Purple to dry on the surface. Always wear proper safety gear. Do not use on glass! MIXING INSTRUCTIONS For cleaning of Exterior surfaces of any type of automotive, dilute RB Purple accordingly. -For general cleaning, dilute 1 part RB Purple to 10 parts water. -For moderate cleaning, dilute 1 part RB Purple to 5 parts water. -For heavy duty cleaning, dilute 1 part RB Purple to 3 parts water.