Bug Out (Gallon)

Enzyme Based Bug Guts Remover
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RB Purple Degreaser (Gallon)

Professional Purple Degreaser
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Bug Out is a paint friendly, environmentally friendly, bug remover that is so easy to use anyone can do it. Bug Out is not only easy to use but for it is very effective at removing stuck on impacted insect remains on your vehicle as well. This unique product was specifically formulated to allow you to spray on to the front of your car and while you wait, Bug Out does all the work for you. Watch as the bugs slide off with ease.

Directions For Use

SUGGESTED USE Bug Out is a solvent-free product, making it completely safe for use on most any automotive exterior surfaces such as paint, glass, plastic, vinyl, powder coat, etc. But Out is a concentrated bug & insect removing spray and wash cleaner. You can use it full strength without damaging anything, or you can dilute Bug Off up to 1:10 to make a ready to use economical bug remover. DIRECTIONS Simply wet down the surfaces of your car containing bugs by spraying off as many of the bugs as you can with a water hose. Then treat the wet surfaces with your mixture of Bug Out by spraying it directly onto the surface, brushing it on with a soft paint friendly brush. Wait 45-60 seconds and watch as Bug Out begins to literally take the bugs off without even scrubbing. After a minute has passed, simply rinse off the treated areas with water and you are done! It's important to note that you never want to allow Bug Out or any other chemical for that matter, to dry on the surface. If applying Bug Out in the sun, after applying Bug Out, simply use a wet, paint friendly brush to agitate the surface during the 45-60 second period when Bug Out is breaking down the bug guts. If there is a heavy build up of bugs on the front of your vehicle, try using a scratch free wash mitt, yellow bug sponge, or green bi-level wash brush.

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A Great Bug Removal Product!


This stuff is amazing. No more elbow grease needed to remove those bugs from the font of the truck. I did dilute it bit and put it in a sprayer I had. To let it sit for a bit, I basically started on 1 side of the truck and moved to the other, then came back and sprayed it off. Worked like a charm. For those baked on bugs, I did have to scrub a bit, but I'd say 95% of them just washed off.


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