Microfiber Towels & Cloths for Cars

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MicroWorks® Standard Microfiber Towel - Red (Dozen)

16" X 16"

Specialty Microfiber Towel - Blue (Dozen)

16" x 27"
SKU: HSP-2503-B-16X27

Microfiber Car Cloths That Meet Your Needs

Get the cleanest clean possible with microfiber car cloths from Ralph Brothers. Our microfiber towels for cars will boost your detailing experience to a totally new level. If you take your car-washing duty seriously, you'll want to take advantage of our fantastic lineup of microfiber cloths for cars. Usable wet or dry, they're non-linting, non-abrasive and machine washable. You'll love how our microfiber car wash towel meets your toughest challenges. Home enthusiasts and professionals alike appreciate the durability and performance of our microfiber drying towels for cars. Whether you want a blue microfiber car cloth, a yellow microfiber car cloth or a red microfiber car cloth, we have an option that will work for you. At a spacious 16 inches by 16 inches, our microfiber towels for cars are the perfect size to get the job done. Looking for an upgrade? Our specialty microfiber car cloth offers all the same great features and much more.

Microfiber Car Cloths for Every Use

When you're detailing your vehicle, even the tiniest speck of grime can spell trouble for your finish. That's where our microfiber car cloths come in. They wipe away dirt and dust, trapping contaminants so they won't damage your finish. Our microfiber towels for cars provide outstanding performance, taking the worry out of your washes. We source all our products from industry-leading suppliers, ensuring you get the best car detailing experience possible. You can rely on microfiber car wash towels from Ralph Brothers. Our car cloths:

  • Clean without harsh chemicals
  • Prevent spotting and streaks
  • Provide gentle cleaning
  • Are highly absorbent
  • Trap dirt and excess sealers and wax
  • Reduce the likelihood of scratches

Microfiber Towels That You Can Trust

Our microfiber towels for cars deliver reliable performance wash after wash. You can depend on them for a spotless, streak-free clean. Our microfiber car cloths are designed to provide scratch-free, ultra-soft buffing, drying, dusting and cleaning. They keep your car's finish free of contaminants and shining.

Because they're machine washable, you can reuse our microfiber car wash towels over and over again. They'll easily wipe away water droplets every time. With 300 grams per square meter (GSM), our standard cloths are just the right weight for every detailing duty. At 220 GSM, our specialty microfiber cloths for cars can absorb seven times their weight.

Purchase Microfiber Car Cloths From Ralph Brothers

Whether you want to purchase them singly or in 12 packs, Ralph Brothers has the microfiber car cloths you need. When you're looking for a clean that shines, you're looking for microfiber car wash towels from Ralph Brothers. Featuring a range of light colors, our double-sided cloths let you see the dirt as you wipe it up. Our microfiber towels for cars won't let you down. They offer the high level of performance you expect from Ralph Brothers products. Start shopping now for the microfiber cloths for cars that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microfiber Car Cloths

Microfiber car cloths from Ralph Brothers offer performance and value all in one neat package. By sourcing the best products at reasonable prices, we give you all the tools you need when detailing your car. Read the following questions to learn more about our microfiber car wash towels.

Which Is the Best Microfiber Cloth for Car Cleaning?

The best microfiber cloth for car cleaning offers just the right combination of texture, pile height and material composition. Our car cloths provide the ultimate detailing experience.

Do Microfiber Cloths Scratch Car Paint?

Used properly, microfiber car cloths do not scratch car paint. They're designed to be ultra-soft and gentle. As your car cloth accumulates dirt and grime, you'll want to flip it around to ensure you always have a clean area of fabric for detailing.

How Do You Clean Microfiber Cloths?

Our standard microfiber car wash towels are machine washable, making them easy to clean and reuse.

Are All Microfiber Cloths the Same?

No, all microfiber cloths are not the same. The best microfiber drying towels for cars offer a high level of absorbency, leaving car finishes spot-free and streakless. Our microfiber towels provide the performance you need when detailing your car.

Can a Microfiber Car Cloth Remove Scratches?

You can use a microfiber car cloth with your scratch remover of choice to eliminate scratches.