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Why DIY Auto Detailing Matters

There are many good reasons to keep your vehicle looking its best. First and foremost, no one wants to ride in a car that reeks of wet dog, baby spit-up, or week-old fast food. Even if you are tolerant of these odors, your traveling companions will not appreciate them. Aside from this, detailing your vehicle retains its resale value. It's easy to let the cleaning slide, but if you don't keep up with it, stains will set, and no amount of elbow grease will take care of the grime that accumulates. Regular DIY auto detailing will go a long way to keeping your car looking showroom-new.

The Car Detailing Supplies List You Need

Once you've committed to regular detailing of your ride, you'll need to pick up some special tools to get the job done. Assuming you're going to keep up with the maintenance, the investment you make will be well worth it in terms of the money you'd otherwise spend on professional cleanings. From the interior to the exterior, we'll talk about the automotive detailing supplies you need to complete each task. If you want to know how to detail your car, check out Car Cleaning & Detailing Secrets From the Experts.

First Things First: Basic Car Detailing Materials

Before you begin, make sure you have the tools you need to tackle the job:

  • Shop-Vac
  • 2 Buckets
  • Microfiber Towels/Cloths
  • Sponges/Mits
  • Scrub Brushes
  • Spray Bottles/Sprayers

Remove any debris and loose articles from the inside of your car and vacuum thoroughly before you start using any other automotive detailing supplies.

Interior Car Detailing Supplies

Your car's interior harbors dirt and grime, from the dashboard to the carpets to the windshield. Here are the interior car cleaning & care products you need to make the inside of your vehicle sparkle:

  • All-Purpose Cleaner: A product like Inside Out will work on just about any surface except glass. Use all-purpose cleaners on your dashboard, steering wheel, carpet, and upholstery.
  • Stain Remover: For tough stains in your carpet, car seat, or other upholstery, you may need to go with a product that's dedicated to stain removal or degreasing.
  • Glass Cleaner: It's easy to forget about the inside of your windshield, but you'd be surprised how much gunk can accumulate. You may not notice until you're driving into the sunshine one day. A good glass cleaner will take care of this and keep all your windows in beautiful condition.
  • Auto Vinyl Protectants: Once you've cleaned up the interior of your vehicle, add a little protection to the dashboard and other vinyl-covered components to keep them looking fantastic longer.

Exterior Car Wash & Detailing Supplies

When the inside of your car is bright and shiny, it's time to tackle the exterior detailing. The exterior car care detail products you'll need for this part of the job include:

  • Car Wash: You have more options than you think. In most cases, you'll wash your vehicle using a classic shampoo. But you also have the option of using other car detailing materials–like a waterless wash product, which is an excellent option in inclement weather. You may also choose a drying agent to help preserve the just-cleaned look.
  • Wheel Cleaner: Ralph Brothers has a special cleaner called Brake Busters Wheel Cleaner formulated to remove oil, dirt, stains, brake rust, and light corrosion without harming the surface of your wheels. And the inhibitors in our wheel cleaning products help protect against future corrosion.
  • Bug & Tar Remover: Bug guts are nasty. Ralph Brothers Gallon of Bug Out dispatches the remains without damaging your vehicle's finish.
  • Car Sealant & Protectants: Once your car is clean, it's time to add wax or sealant to keep it that way.
  • Foam Cannon: Attach a Foam Washer Jet tool to any high-pressure cleaning machine to blast away dirt and grime.
  • Car Buffer & Polisher Machines: Proper use of these machines may be beyond the capability of DIY auto detailing. Professional auto detailers use car buffer and polisher machines when doing paint correction, which repairs irregularities in the paint's finish.
  • Razor Blades & Scrapers: Razor blades are used when cutting moldings and pinstripes. Scrapers are just the thing to remove paint, tar and other materials. (Caution is required when using these automotive detailing supplies to ensure you don't damage the surface in the process.)

What Do You Need to Detail Your Car? Ralph Brothers Knows

It's no secret that Ralph Brothers has the best products and car detailing accessories for your vehicle. Inside and out, our car cleaning products will help restore your vehicle to its once-pristine condition. From buckets and brushes to protectants and polishers, Ralph Brothers is where to buy car detailing supplies for both professional detailers and DIYers. Shop for car accessories and detailing tools in our store today. Or, choose one of our car detailing kits, each geared toward a different level of commitment to the task at hand. We know what you need to detail your car. Have a question about Ralph Brothers? Check out our FAQ page or contact us. For the best automotive detailing supplies, shop Ralph Brothers!

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